Minesweeper World

The ultimate Minesweeper game for iPhone and Android.

Download the free app for your mobile phone or tablet. Play the great logic puzzle game wherever you like.


Minesweeper goes mobile

Finally a version that has everything you need!

Your Settings

Tons of options to choose from: select your own style, play standard or custom grids and fine-tune the controls.

Conquer a top rank in the international leaderboard. Earn achievements and improve your Minesweeper skills.

Your Score

Send challenges and beat your friends. Your opponents will have to prove their skills on the same minefield that you finished. Who owns the best time?

Your Opponents

The popular brain teaser game "Minesweeper" conquered the hearts of computer fans about 30 years ago when it was delivered together with the well-known operating system. Although there are now hundreds of variations of the game, the look of the well-known logic puzzle has hardly been updated (with some exceptions) - that's changing now: in Minesweeper.World you can completely customize the style of the game and clear the fields on the beach, in the Wild West or in Candyland. And no matter what difficulty you prefer: in our free Minesweeper app, you can flexibly customize the rules and controls to your liking.

Minesweeper World can be downloaded and played completely free of charge with no additional or hidden costs. The game can be played on the Apple iPhone or Apple iPad as well as on most Android smartphones and tablets.

Minesweeper.World is the most extensive and comprehensive Minesweeper variant ever!




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